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Kitchen Design Basics on ‘What She Said’

Today was my second appearance on What She Said, a smart and informative radio program on Sirrius ch 167 created by 3 fabulous women ( Christine Bentley, Kate Wheeler and Sharon Caddy) for fabulous women. We talked about kitchen design basics and the trends which we see in kitchens these days.

Here are some of the topics which we talked about…..

Kitchens are the most renovated space in the home, it is the space which is the heart of the home and the renovation which will provide the most return on each dollar spent…ofcourse, assuming you do it correctly!

It takes a minimum of 8 weeks to go through a kitchen renovation…more realistically 12 – 16 weeks from beginning to end. This breaks the illusion of what the reality TV genre portrays the average renovation timeline is.

Some of the kitchen trends which are prevalent these days are:

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Clean lines are gaining popularity



Drawers are more functional than Doors



Open concept storage


High tech applliances like water filters, under-cabinet fridges, beverage centers with automated features make it not only fun to use, but incredibly customizable to your needs.


There are many brands out there offering multiple options…go to a reputable dealer like Caplans for professional advice and guidance.



A successful renovation is possible only if you plan properly. Give the design professional the proper tools to create your dream kitchen by providing them with all the key information which will make the kitchen function well for you.

How many people will be cooking in the kitchen?

What kind of cooking do you do most?..for instance, if you are a baker, you will want an extra oven, an area to roll out dough, storage for all your baking pans etc.

How often do you entertain? how large of a group?

What level of ease of maintenance do you require?

What is the style or feeling you wish to have in your space





Install cabinets to the ceiling, it will create the illusion of more space and higher ceilings



Use creative storage solutions to maximize your space



Create an area where you can sit or stand while in the kitchen, even if it is a narrow bar table, you will create a more inviting feeling in your kitchen



Manmade quartz counters such as these from cambria are highly functional and attractive.



Add lots of various lighting sources in your kitchen for multiple options of use from cooking to entertaining

Kitchen design and planning is a complex process. It involves many trades, finishes and products and is very costly. Contracting a professional is always advised in order to get it done right the first time. You will save money in the long run and enjoy your space for years to come.

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