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7 Sexy Sofas…

Your sofa is the one piece in the living or family room which will serve many purposes while expressing your personal style and functional needs. There are basic rules and standards which all sofas live by, I could go through those, but I won’t …today,I just want to share my thoughts on the sexiest sofas I have seen….with no consideration for cost , practicality or functionality because everyone has a different set of needs. I’m just going on what looks FANTASTIC and SEXY as hell!!


Click on images for source information


The colour is super sexy, and as always B&B Italila created this piece with a timeless, yet contemporary flair


I love this simple, single seat sofa with flared arms from Montauk..it is feminine without being frilly.


This sofa from SHINE by SHO has a hotel feel to it, unique and full of personality, you must follow up with some cool accessories to make this work!

I am nuts about this sofa....that's all I can say here.

I am nuts about this sofa….that’s all I can say here.


Sophisticated, Formal and Masculine…beautiful and very Adult from Minotti.


Studs, chunky square legs and box tufting makes this sofa from DecorestΒ a perfect choice for a space which embraces both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.


A shaped back and simple lines gives this sofa a very customized look…and the fact that it is called the Lola..my doggies name, makes me like it very much.



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