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Colour of 2014: Radiant Orchid

The 2014 colour of the year is revealed as Radiant Orchid 18-3224 by Pantone . pantone

This colour is fresh and energetic while simultaneously being mysterious and sophisticated. This colour has boundless opportunities as a perfect accent, whether presented in a men’s tie, a nail polish colour or accent pillow.

dj song essie

It is Modern and very versatile with a good balance of masculine and feminine attributes.


My favourite climbing vine is the bougainvillea. I love the energy and contrast against white.

Duralee fabrics

Duralee fabrics


Hats off to Designers who skillfully use colour in their projects…I found EKB Interiors while perusing the internet and fell in love with Eileen Kathryn Boyd’s use of the colour of the year. She skillfully uses colour as a tool to express sophisticated and imaginative interiors.

Beatifully executed interior by EKB Interiors

Beautifully executed interior by EKB Interiors

ekb boyd

How gorgeous with orange...

How gorgeous with orange…

Try it out, even if only on your toes..Radiant Orchid is a bold and gutsy addition which will provide eye candy in your life.

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