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Inspiration while Travelling

Travelling is my Drug…I can honestly say it is the best dose of inspiration, mental calmness, inner freedom which makes me tick. Even a road trip to a town 1 hour away can give me that dose of ‘happy hormones’…but the best is to go across the pond to Europe…the continent of my motherland and the place which feeds my creative self.

I went with my ‘other half’ for a few days to the Christmas Market in Frankfurt, Germany. Besides the Saurkraut, the mulled wine and sausages…the City taught me that the choice to mix traditional and contemporary design is a Trend which is comfortable, realistic and attainable for most of us.

Gorgeous red sectional sofa...I am nuts about this piece.

Gorgeous red sectional sofa…I am nuts about this piece. I love the flexibility of this design..allowing you to wind the pieces around your space as needed.


The crystal chandelier was mounted on a ‘photographers tripod’ finished in a brilliant high polish chrome


This structure has all the proportions of classic architecture..minus the embellishment..striking and graphic in the park

The entry to the park had another structure treaded in a similar manner.

The entry to the park had another structure treaded in a similar manner.


Mirrors are great for fooling the eye

Brilliant use of space

Brilliant use of space


modular sofas really give One the options needed to make the piece work for all individual preferences .


A GIANT light fixture which allows you to pull light were you need also adds a sculptural element to the design.

Travelling for a Designer is a TREAT..it is an opportunity to free the mind and absorb all sorts of new ideas, sensibilities and norms. I look forward to my next venture!

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