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FLOR…smart, practical,creative !

We are working on a project which involves a basement renovation. During the sourcing and planning phase for the project, I re-discovered a FANTASTIC product...FLOR. I am nuts about this floor covering solution. We will be incorporating a collection of these carpet squares in our design, I can’t wait to see it done.


I went to the showroom in Yorkville to select a collection for my Client the other day and found myself thoroughly excited by the flexibility and functionality of the product. These are approximately 20′ x 20″ car[et tiles which are made of recycled materials. A seemingly endless variety of patterns and colours which allow One to be as creative as One wishes. Whether creating a rug, a runner or a wall to wall design, this innovative system is a brilliant way to create a floorcovering which does not compromise aesthetic for functionality.

Neutral and Conservative

Neutral and Conservative

various colours and patterns mixed together

various colours and patterns mixed together


Various samples are available to see and experiment with


traditional pattern is taken and modified to look artsy and contemporary


Various solid colours can be used to create a personalized pattern

Find more information at their website: FLOR.com

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