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8 Rooms I LOVE!!!

As a Designer…I have a full and imaginative life in my ‘head’…I imagine, I dream , I build spaces in my head. The internet allows me to be inspired and indentify the elements in design which inspire me and give me motivation to find ‘that client’ , ‘that job’ which will allow me to express my design desires and design passions.

Here are some rooms which make me tingle and give me inspiration to get through the stress and madness of this business which I have given my soul to!

All images are from Architectural Digest..click on the image to go to the Credit and Feature information.

room 7

I love this room for the volumes, the gracious , yet casual furnishings and the respect given to the relationship between indoors and outdoors.

room 5

Bright, Sexy, Romantic and Relaxing….I could spend hours just ‘living’ in this space….

room 4 - Copy

This room is in the same house as the picture above..Celebrity Model Cindy Crawfrod’s home….I love the open ceiling, reminds me of the homes in Africa….this room is perfection!

room 1 - Copy

I love Paris..This room is completely “Parisian’..it is sophisticated, detailed, casual, romantic, white..bright , just like the gorgeous city, and it is fashionable…so well done!

room 2 - Copy

The view…the proportions, the contrast of light and dark,,,I love the subtle balance between contemporary, whimsical and traditional elements.

room 8

I love the Architectural details contrasted with the simple lines…the all white walls and trim details…this room is fantastic!

room 9

This room is very professionally and expertly executed. It takes a keen eye to make this look happen..I love it !

room 6

Wow…I only wish I could wake up to a new day ..each day..in this room! the contrast of brown and white…restrained attention to detail makes this room good for the soul!

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