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10 Favourite Home Show Finds…

The Fall Home Show just wrapped up. I was there doing Q & A at the Homes Publishing Group answering questions for people in need of design solutions. I would say most of the questions had to do with Kitchen design. No surprise to me…Kitchens are truly the heart of the home and the one place which can determine the value, comfort and functionality of your  home.

After the Q & A session, I walked around and decided to share 10 products or services which caught my attention ( In no particular order…) Thank you Larry for walking with me and providing the photography…good times as always.

1. Andrea Hylton home: I met Andrea who is the brainchild of this fabulous company. She had created a system by which a  homeowner can select the finishing pillows and gorgeous throws in order to complete the decorating phase of a space. Pillows are pictured on playing card style cards which you can fuss with till you get your combination right….Each card has a pillow, the insert price and cover price on the cover, making it easy to put a combination together. The process is fun and best of all, the wide selection of patterns and fabrics is affordable.  http://www.andreahyltonhome.ca/

2. Albern Home Imporvements:  I was impressed by the selection of doors and windows. A wide variety of colours, styles, functions and solutions. I particularly liked the fact that the windows were available in all styles, from casement, to side slider tilt, single hung and more. http://www.albern.to/


3. Garage Innovators: I love the idea of having my ‘fun car’ up on a hoist stored safetly in my garage…especially if it was a shiny new corvette like the one at the show. But you really don’t need to have a ‘special’ car to take advantage of this parking solution…heck, you don’t even need to have the car…store your friend’s car and charge rent!! http://www.garageinnovation.com/



4.  LED lite solutions: This booth had a few great LED solutions from Decks, to Table top to Night light. There were shower heads which light up with the power of water to nightlights which shine light for safety.  http://www.ledlitesolutionsinc.com/LED_Lite_Solutions_Inc/Home.html


5. Pro weld: I saw railings which were the traditional wrought iron to comtemporary glass. Railings are not an inexpensive element in your home, but it will truly set the tone. Especially if you are aiming for that clean and contemporary look…nothing like a tempered glass railing to get that look accomplished. http://railingstoronto.ca/



6. HiddenBed: It is no secret that our spaces are getting smaller and we have to squeeze all that we can from them… Marty and the gang have storage solutions covered with their quality closet and hidden bed solutions. Manufacturing is all done here in the GTA by the staff of this family business. I will be visiting Kaylie ( who is really the brains behind the hiddenbed)  shortly for an upcoming project. http://www.hiddenbedcanada.com/

7. Centurian Window Fashions:  Danny and Tony are a great source for quality window treatments, wide selection and ultimate service. I especially like the Maxxmar Mandalay blind which gives you a clean and stylish look with maximum functionality. http://centurianwindowfashions.com/window-fashions/blinds/

8. DIGS Media : Ron Perruzza is the cool dude behind the Magazine. This editorial is full of local sources, design inspiration and information. He also had the booth with the Wine…smart move Ron! http://digspublishing.com/


9. Patterson’s :  How could I not notice this fantastic table…this company custom designs , and crafts fine wood furniture and other products  out of reclaimed wood..only your imagination is the limitation to what these folks can do. http://www.pattersonsfurniture.ca/

10. Decorium: I had to mention Decorium since theirs is the furniture I was sitting in while providing Answers to those who waited patiently at the Homes Publishing Group booth. Steve and the Staff have been so supportive to lend their furniture to various events. Erica Gelman did a fabulous job designing the booth. I am never surprised with the gorgeous pieces and wide variety which they carry in their stores. Their new location on Yonge street is much smaller than the original location on Supertest…but I gotta say, it packs a serious punch when it comes to unique selection and great service..thanks Gabriella!!!  www.decorium.com

Thank you Josh for giving me a comfy seat at your booth and Thank you to all who came to see me…

2 comments on “10 Favourite Home Show Finds…

  1. Julia at Home on 129 Acres
    October 7, 2013

    I saw you at the Decorium booth, recognized you, but could not for the life of me remember your name. So glad to connect the dots finally! I loooooved Andrea Hylton’s products too. I need one of those mohair throws.

  2. Evelyn's Blog
    October 8, 2013

    Thank you Julia…always good to get out to these events…we all learn something, even if it is a TIDBIT!

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