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Area Rugs…Birth of Inspiration..

Area Rugs can be a tough element to finalize in a space… the inspiration for the whole room can begin with the rug, or it can be the final element which pulls it all together. I work either way..it really depends on the project and where the process begins.

One of my favourite suppliers of fabulous rugs which have all the elements,  quality, design, durability and value is Surya. I am rarely at loss for a perfect area rug choice when I go to Surya for a rug for my Clients…their inspiration boards say it all. Interior design is in fact a science, but it all begins with an inspiration…take a look at Surya’s inspiration boards…this gives you an inside into how a designer’s mind begins the process of finalizing a final product.


Magenta is the inspiration for the this ethnic inspired pattern


Emerald is a very hot colour now…this is a perfect example of fashion inspiring interior design elements


The coast and seaside has always been an inspiration for design..is is very clear to see this in the rug designs shown here.


Flower power…in this case, not frail and soft, but bold and expressive…love it!


Sunsets are warm, sensual and bold, the patterns show that.


Cozy, neutral and classic..can’t go wrong with this inspiration for a traditional family home

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