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Fabulous Drapery Panels from FAAB

silk rajah

Gorgeous silk..always right for a bedroom, living or dining room

Window Treatments are a finishing touch to any room…they can truly transform a space with not only added drama and visual candy, but they absorb sound as well as insulate and protect from sun. The big minus is that they can tend to be a pricey element in the decorating and finishing phase of your home…there is a solution.

Since 1995, partners Penny Busher and Patricia Andrew have been growing their fabulous business FAAB. They offer ready-made drapery panels which have custom detailing and fabric options which give a tremendous option for my Clients.

Here are some basic Tips from the Evelyn Tip jar…

1. A drapery panel should be made with enough fullness , usually 2x in order to have that full body look( the drapery width when fully opened is half of the total width of the width of the fabric).

2.Hang your panels a minimum of 6″ above your window frame…I guage it based on the proportion of your space, the higher your ceilings and bigger your trim, the higher you can go.

3. Invest in good rods which are of a consistent diameter.. with a simple finial…this will give you that custom and timeless look.

4.Make sure the panels are lined…that makes all the difference in longevity and the look of the fabric.

5. Hang the drapes about 12″ to 16 ” past the window frame, to give the illusion of more window and to give you space to stack them when you want to move them out of the way.

faab 8

Clever way to adjust how high on the rod the panels hang

The headings ( top portion of the panels) is what really sets the tone of the style..are you traditional ( perfect for detailed pleats such as the classic ‘pinch pleat’) or contemporary ( perfect for the grommet)…somewhere in the middle is the inverted and simple goblet pleat seen below.  Will you show your rings or not….More to think about than you expected…there is a lot to consider..the FAAB website covers it all…or you can have a qualified Designer help you with getting it just right.

faab 2

Simple goblet style pleat appropriate for most décor styles

faab 1

I love this pleat ..it’s called the inverted pleat..simple and elegant

faab 3

This one is popular with the Condo crowd….contemporary and masculine, I even like it for shower curtains

faab 4

Fabrics available from Silk which is available as a smooth taffeta or slubby dupioni, cottons in plain or printed, woven jacquards, they have it all…in a range of colours which will suit most interiors.

faab 6

Click on image to read Designer tips on FAAB’s site

Featuring over 330 fabrics carefully chosen to suit even the most discerning taste. I really appreciate what Penny and Patricia are doing…it’s not easy to maintain a business these days and these Ladies are doing a stupendous job.  Available at a variety of retail stores and through Designers.

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