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Peacock Inspiration

peacock feather

Incredible colours of a Peacock feather

Inspiration for Design comes from anywhere and everywhere… As a Designer, I feel very fortunate to be granted this ability to ‘see’ and be inspired by all that is around me. Mother nature is most definitely the best Designer and she has many inspirations to give to us.

Peacocks to me are everything elegant, beautiful and perfectly designed. If I had a home with ‘grounds’…no doubt I would have a few of these gorgeous animals around my home!


Perfect composition and balance of shape and colour

Add the inspiration of ‘the peacock’ into your home with some brilliant colours and prints ….

global views

Gorgeous Pillows with a Peacock print


Trays with a peacock print

crate and barrel

Glassware in a bright and colourful blue and yellow theme


The pattern of a peacock feather in this gorgeous snappy pillow


Jewelry boxes which add a punch of colour to your space


I love these trays, they are all you need to add a sophisticated and glamorous touch to your space


Turquoise vases, sensuous shape and splashy colour

Images from Crate Barrel, Global Views, Google

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