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10 Must Have Cleaning Tools

Anyone who knows me knows that I like my space to be spic and span at all times. So no surprise that when I came across the “clean slate” section in on of my favourite stores Crate and Barrel, I had to share my thoughts and excitement over these fabulous products.

Maas Polish is FANTASTIC for cleaning metal, silverware etc. I've  been using it for years...

Maas Polish is FANTASTIC for cleaning metal, silverware etc. I’ve been using it for years…

bucket storage

Buckets for water and to keep all your tools in one place is essential..

cassabella cleaning

Creativity is essential with some cleaning jobs…these skinny bottle cleaning brushes are excellent for hard to reach places.


Speaking of hard to reach…this duster is perfect for those who are height challenged like me!

linen spray

My secret ingredient for a cozy bed…this brand is great because it does not have any harmful ingredients


Steaming is more fun than ironing…and it is much gentler on your fabrics.

sweater comb

Another secret tool which I have used for years to keep my sweaters and jackets looking new.

sweep set

A handy sweep set should be easily accessible at all times


These are magical little crochet cleaning cloths. My first experience with this was when I got one for Christmas by a family member…I love it!!

utility grips

These grips are fantastic for keeping your tools all in one place and looking good

wool dryer balls

maximize your dryer’s abilities with these wool balls. They add friction to your dry cycle and fluff up your laundry

So there it is..some great finds and tools for your cleaning and home engineering projects.

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