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Greige…A Perfect Blend…

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Paris…I love it for it’s quiet elegance as well as its bold experessions. I love the subtlety of the wide variety of whites which are painted throughout this city of ‘white’….before I went to Paris for the first time, my Mother said…’when you are at the top of the Eiffel tower, remember this…Paris is the White City”…it sure is..gorgeous varieties of creamy, pale, grey, violet..pink whites….
I am truly drawn to the fresh look of greys and beiges together…they are calling it Greige. It is a look which can go traditional, contemporary, bohemian…it straddles that line which allows One to sit on the fence of cool and warm.  I have an inspirational photo of a Parisian street which prompted me to put this post together…’Get the Look”.
linen, silver silk, pastel cashmere throws, rustic clock, whimsical glass chandelier, all items which are elegant , yet touchable and restful…it is a perfect look for a bedroom or a living room. I love this look!!

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