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Carpet Runners are not just for Stairs

Image from Pintrest…bold statement

Carpet Runners are not just for stairs, though this image inspires One to ‘go for it’ and make a statement.

Beautiful personalized wedding runner on Pintrest

Whether Red as for the Oscars , or personalized like the one above, a runner gives you a platform to get to the place you are going….
it leads the eye and can make a bold statement or create a soft functional element to your home.

I love One King’s Lane. It is a beautifully organized website which presents for sale collections of fabulous items for the home which have been carefully selected and placed in a comprehensive manner on the site.

I always get inspired to browse and drool over the items which are priced very well. This time, I saw a collection of Runners which prompted me to conclude that the Runner is a very versatile tool which can be used all over the home in a very useful and decorative manner.

Usually around 2’6″, a Runner can be placed in a hall, on a wall in a tall staircase, between kitchen cabinets, at the foot of a bed, in a bathroom, etc. etc…get creative.

Below are a few runners I selected from www.onekingslane.com which caught my eye.

I love this colourful take on a Traditional pattern
Bright and Fun
Missoni inspired graphic
Timeless zebra print
Peacock inspired graphic
Natural and Muted

A runner can be layered on another rug just to add pattern or define the space

Perfect in a bathroom

Excellent in a Kitchen I love this look

Open your mind to the use of Runners in your home….You can really add a personal touch as well as functionality to your Décor with a selection of Runners.
Images from One King’s Lane unless otherwise noted


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