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First Post: The National Home Show Urban Barn Design Contest

I decided to accept an invitation to the Urban Barn Design Competition a few weeks ago…Why not…
extra exposure, decorating without a Client’s wishes…the only caveat was that I had to spend only $4000 doing the space, all items from Urban Barn.

Step 1: Inspiration
I ask myself what do I want the room to say? what do I want it to feel like and what item is my jumping off point?

I was going for Urban Retro Bohemian…my phrase for the look I was going for.

A trip to Urban Barn one evening yielded inspiration from the Cedric sofa and the Rotto lamp…this began the process.

I love the retro and clean lines of this sofa
I like the natural, yet contemporary feeling of this lamp

2. The plan: The challenge was to strategically use items which express the theme while providing a practical plan for any Homeowner. Layout is what needed to be planned next.

Sketch of the plan

3. Picking of the balance of the items was easy, coffee table, console table, rug and chairs. I painted a strip of deep grey on the focal wall in order to create some interest and create added drama.  What  I wanted to make it memorable.

I chose to use Citron as my accent colour…one of my favourite colours.

The final bill came to $3999 , only $1 below budget…the ‘wall art’ made of branches was my additional ,personally made project to add texture and add to my theme..and it was free from Mother Nature.

The Finished Room…Accessories add the finishing touch for the space to have its personality

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